It has been possible to incorporate Isle of Man Companies on a “while you wait” basis at the Isle of Man Companies Registry for several years.  However, following the inception of the new on line facility for registered Corporate Service Providers, it is now possible to have the same service for incorporation, entirely on line.  The service is possible for incorporations under the 2006 Act only and is an excellent addition to the services offered by the Isle of Man.

Having undertaken the on line incorporation process several times at Chesterfield Falcon, the process is incredibly straight forward and user friendly.  The Certificate of Incorporation is provided by email within the required time frame.  There is a choice between regular incorporation, two hour incorporation and while you wait.  The original certificate then follows by post.  This is of course subject to the Company name being approved prior to the incorporation.  Again this is a straightforward on line process that the service provider can attend to.

The Isle of Man Companies Registry took a common sense approach during the various lockdowns we encountered on the Isle of Man and fast tracked legislation to allow on line filing of corporate filings.  The Registry felt the on line filings worked so well that this has now been made possible on a permanent basis on the Isle of Man. 

This is such a convenient and forward thinking move by the Companies Registry given the uncertainty of lockdowns during the current climate.  It enables Corporate Service Providers to continue to provide their clients with a seamless service no matter if their staff are working from home or there is a full lockdown in place.

With further on line tasks expected to become available in the future, this is another excellent reason to choose the Isle of Man for your future incorporation requirements.